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Surge Protectors & Voltage Regulators

Brand: CDP Model: R2C-AVR 1008
1000 VA automatic voltage regulator with Surge protection with 4 regulated back mounted NEMA 5-15 and 4 surge only outlets. Mini LED indicators for power and Input voltage quality. On/off combo overload breaker to protect load and Anti Flame UL compliant plastic for your safety.  ..
Brand: CDP Model: R-AVR1808
1800 VA automatic voltage regular with built in powerful surge suppressor and top mounted 8 NEMA 5-15 outlets with 4 regulated and 4 with surge only. ON/OFF breaker protection and anti-flame plastic housing for your safety. Quick Specs    Capacity..
Brand: Unno Tekno Model: PW5083WT
Connect up to 7 devices at once, and get rid of that mess of power adapters and cables. Power Strip MAX features a smart USB charging technology that delivers the fattest and most reliable charge. The compact and sleek design can be placed over the desk, fixed to the wall, or laid on the floor.Featu..
Brand: ArgomTech Model: ARG-AC-0266WT
DESCRIPTION Includes built-in surge protector against spikes and device burnouts. Plugs directly into the wall to multiply outlets without the cord clutter. Allows simultaneous charging of USB compatible devices. Saves you time and money by not having to replace the entire outlet. SPECIFICATIO..
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